CDMS (Clinical Data Management System)

Clinical Data Management

A full-featured clinical data management system, Clindex® offers a wide breadth of functionalities to ensure data quality and keep you informed, such as streamlined data entry; powerful reporting; automatic email alerts, notifications and reports; simple to complex validations; closed-loop query management; tabular data browser; built-in data loader; data exporting; and much more.

Secure. Clindex® offers a comprehensive set of security features to ensure your data is safe and secure. With strong password controls, role-based security to individualize access and double audit trails, Clindex® meets regulatory and industry standards including 21 CFR Part11.

Flexible. Clindex® is extremely configurable to meet your unique trial needs – in design, data capture technology and deployment.

Scalable. As a testament to the scalability of Clindex®, the system has been used for everything from large, complex pivotal trials to small feasibility studies. Our clients range from the small startup to Fortune 500 medical companies. Not only does it meet your needs now, but Clindex® will continue to meet your needs as your organization grows.

Download the Clindex – CDMS PDF