Integrated System

Unlike many other eClinical systems, Clindex® is a completely integrated system with a large selection of features all driven from a single centralized database, including:

  • EDC (Electronic Data Capture);
  • CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System);
  • eTMF (Electronic Trial Master File);
  • Monitoring;
  • Site Payments;
  • Screen Failures;
  • Randomization;
  • Reporting.

The fully integrated system eliminates:

  • The need to log in to multiple separate systems;
  • Entering redundant data for the same patient;
  • The reconciliation of multiple systems;
  • Data lags caused by transferring data between systems;
  • Training sites on multiple systems;
  • Managing multiple user IDs and passwords.

In addition an integrated system allows:

  • A single software to support the entire clinical department needs
  • EDC/CDMS and CTMS data to be combined in reports
  • CTMS functions and data can be made available to EDC users.