Reporting Tools

Not only can you collect your data, but you can get it out, too – in multiple formats. Clindex® has built-in advanced reporting tools to help you run ad hoc queries against your data or you can write your own reports to be accessible on-demand by your study team and/or sites. Our drill-down technology enables users to open eCRFs directly from report output.

  • Over 200 standard system reports
  • Create your own reports using industry standard SAP Infomaker
  • Supports advanced reporting with nested reports, grouping , images and complex layouts
  • Reports can be used to drive interactive task lists
  • Drill down so Queries, CRFs, Documents , Monitoring Issues can all be opened automatically directly from a report that is retrieving data identifying the specific item
  • Support for linked reports embedded on data entry screen, e.g., Display lab results from previous follow-up on the current follow-up form
  • Embed calls to web services into reports to retrieve remote data, e.g current temperature at each site.
  • Intelligent report viewer allows filtering, sorting , descriptive statistics and graphing.
  • Automatically handles display of labels for all coded values in reports without the report developer having to write SQL joins
  • Direct generation of SAS or SPSS files from any report or SQL query dataset. Includes all data dictionary information
  • Automatic batch report runner that can automatically save reports to specific directories, email reports as PDF attachments or save SAS/SPSS datasets